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Summit – Gender Data Gap & the Startup Ecosystem

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Aha! Moments to Actionable Change

During the week of International Women’s Day we are hosting a summit of 12+ global panels in a non-profit event to create aha! moments that lead to actionable change from 12 + different angles. 

March 7 to 11 the Gender Data Gap & the Startup Ecosystem Summit will be addressing gender bias by design and the gender data gap through twelve plus panels representing different aspects of the startup ecosystem. From founder to investor, young to mature , corporate support to government support, mental health tech to femtech, we will be changing the gender data bias from a foundational level when companies are being formed.  

We are changing how startups start.

#IWD2022, #50PercentIsNotNiche, #AhaMoments2change #ActionableChange #IterateAndInnovate

Episode 1 – Age-Diverse – Monday March 7, 9am EST


Elizabeth Laett, Managing Partner, Holt Exchange

Jacqueline Nowak Co-Founder/ Chief Knowledge Officer of PeopleWell Solutions

Svetlana Elgart, Founder & CEO, Rainbow Chefs Academy

Svetlana Elgart, Founder & CEO, Rainbow Chefs Academy

Youth diet wellness program is a hit in California schools

Episode 2 – Founders – Monday March 7, 12pm EST


Anna Sinclair

Stefanie Bruinsma, Founder & CEO AutoCate

Episode 3 – Mental Health Tech – Monday March 7, 5pm, 17h EST


Sakeena Mihar, Founder & CEO, Savyn

Dr Louise Metcalf, Founder and CEO, Gheorg

Episode 4 – Startup & Advisory Board – Tuesday March 8, 9am EST


Amanda Parness, Founder and CEO, Spring Advisory Services

Trish Mandewo, Founder & CEO, Synergy on Boards Consulting Group

Carolyn Rodz, Founder & CEO, Hello Alice

Episode 6 – Young Founders – Tuesday March 8, 5pm 17h EST


Ishita Mann, CEO & Founder – Youth Helping Youth Saskatchewan

Kaija Guyon CEO & Co-founder, Anikka Guyon CMO & Co-founder NULOO

Youth Helping Youth Saskatchewan

Government Support – Wednesday March 9, 9am EST


Nancy Wilson, CPA, CGA

Nancy Wilson, CPA, CGA, Founder & CEO of the Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Nancy Wilson is the founder and CEO of the Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce (CanWCC), a national, not-for-profit organization that advocates for Canadian businesses owned and led by woman-identified and non-binary individuals.  CanWCC is the only chamber of commerce in Canada that represents and advocates for women business owners and entrepreneurs.  As CEO, Nancy is responsible for achieving CanWCC’s strategic goals with respect to advocacy, networking, and advancement.

Nancy is a Chartered Professional Accountant, with over a decade of accounting and finance experience in the private sector working with start-ups, small businesses, and multi-national corporations.  In 2015, she founded an accounting and advisory firm specializing in women business owners and entrepreneurs.

After experiencing a lack of resources, difficulty finding connection, and numerous barriers, both as a business owner and indirectly through her clients, Nancy launched the Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce in January 2018.  She has been working ever since to create a powerful network to inform a new strategy for women in business and drive long-lasting change.


Vasant Sarojini EDA VAO

Episode 9 – Mentors, Advisors & Support – Friday March 11, 12pm EST

VC’s Raising a Fund- Thursday March 10, 12pm EST


Leslie Goldman General Partner & Co-Founder, The Artemis Fund

The Artemis Fund is one of a handful of female-led venture funds focused exclusively on female-led companies in the U.S.  Artemis is on a mission to diversify wealth creation by investing in iconic female founders in fintech, e-commerce, and care-tech. 

Leslie Goldman is General Partner and Co-founder of The Artemis Fund, a venture fund focused on high growth, tech-enabled, seed stage companies founded and led by women. Prior to launching The Artemis Fund with her two partners, Diana Murakhovskaya and Stephanie Campbell, Leslie spent 25 years as a corporate attorney and three years as an executive recruiter. Her impetus for moving into venture capital derives from her activity as an angel investor, with direct or syndicated investments in over 65 early-stage companies and 12 venture funds. She serves on the Investment Committee or Strategic Advisor to four of those funds and as a mentor for several incubator/accelerator programs.  

Leslie has served on numerous private company boards and currently serves as a board member of DressX (ecommerce) and UNest (fintech), and board observer of CNote (fintech) and Fundid (fintech). She also serves on several non-profit boards including the board of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) Texas TriCities.  Lastly, she serves on the Advisory Board of several companies and organizations including Deep Isolation, Smartgurlz, and the Yale Entrepreneurial Society (YES).

Passionate about driving impact and sharing data on the superior ROI of diverse teams, Leslie is a frequent speaker on the triple bottom line.   With funding for female founders consistently stuck at 2% for the past 15 years, she encourages investors to understand the opportunities for both alpha and innovation inherent in investing in the other half of the population.    #not a special interest group

Leslie holds a B.A. from Yale University, an M.A. from the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia and a J.D. from Fordham University School of Law.  She has three boys who are very supportive of her focus on gender equity!

Episode 9 – Mentors, Advisors & Support – Friday March 11, 12pm EST

Laurie McGinley, AIA, ClimateTech Conductor

Laurie McGinley knows we all have the mind to see a brighter future for ourselves and the body to make it a reality. As an Architect, she has specialized and professional training to imagine something huge and bring it into physical existence. She has helped bring hundreds of millions of dollars of buildings into being and knows she can guide you on your quest for growth, achievement, and success.

She is calm and curious about unchartered territories and is your guide to help you get from today to that thing you’ve always wanted, no matter how hard it seems to be to get there.

What have you been dreaming of and working towards that you haven’t been able to get yet? Let’s get really clear on what it is and get you to the place where you allow it to pull you in.

Realizing your big climate idea is something we all need you to do. Laurie will help you get it.

Gender Based Algorithmic Bias – Friday March 11, 3pm, 15h EST

Global executive leader with 20+ years of IT and data science experience at global technology company IBM. Builds teams, products, and cognitive enterprises and thrives on transforming lives through ethical data use. Produced patented solutions that led to clearer insights, better customer understanding, and faster implementation. Turned innovation and a customer-focused problem-solving approach into a $2 billion business.

My current role is to drive transformation for our IBM’s Clients through the design and delivery of scaled AI systems that are explainable, ethical and can be adopted by every human. I am the Global Talent Transformation Domain Offering Leader for IBM Consulting. I am redefining the experience of work.

I have a Masters in Anthropology from University of Denver and a Classics (Greek and Latin) Degree from Florida State. I helped design the Data Science Profession in IBM, accredited through Open Group. I have over 40 patents, including the integration of analytic algorithms into information systems to create decision support automation, cognitive role-based visualizations, and container based distributed analytics for privacy -> taking the algorithm to the data.

I sit on our Academy of Technology Technical Council, run invention disclosure and promotion boards, serve on the AI executive Open Source board, our corporate Global Data Science Board, as well as many other technology related boards. I am the Executive Sponsor for our LGBT+ and Women’s BRG in Boulder, Colorado, and have many ties to the PTECH and STEM communities. I am an active member of many organizations including our IBM Academy of Technology and Women in Technology.

Books and Articles to Inspire

Below are a few articles that have inspired this series.

A Century of “Shrill”: How Bias in Technology Has Hurt Women’s Voices, By Tina Tallon, September 3, 2019,

#IWD2022, #50PercentIsNotNiche, #ahamoments2change #Actionablechange #Iterateandinnovate

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