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LinkingVentures Valuations Platform and Community

The LinkingVentures Snapshot Valuation methodology, platform, and community captures the iterative value of early-stage companies as they navigate through key value-building activities. 

Gender Data Gap & Startup Ecosystem Summit, 2023

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International Women’s Day Panel – Click to access recording – Redefining FemTech

#IWD2023, #51PercentIsNotNiche, #AhaMoments2Change #ActionableChange #IterateAndInnovate @LinkingVentures

Gender Data Gap & Startup Ecosystem Summit, 2022

Please follow the LinkingVentures Youtube Channel

#IWD2022, #50PercentIsNotNiche, #AhaMoments2Change #ActionableChange #IterateAndInnovate @LinkingVentures

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The LinkingVentures Team

Cindy Guyon

CEO, Founder & Sr Valuation Analyst

I have navigated the start-up and non-profit ecosystems for decades as a founder, board member, C-level executive, mentor, and speaker. My experiences balance the creative, financial, and technical with an underlying interest in minimizing the gender data gap at foundational levels.

A unique combination of academic, intrapreneurial, entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors in several industries, has led to my development of a valuation methodology that seeks to uncover the iterative value of an early-stage startup, the founder, their team, and the story behind the numbers.

Teresa Sing

Operations, Sr Mentor & Jr Valuation Analyst

My work within the start-up community has afforded me a strong understanding of the entrepreneurial path. My passion is finding solutions to help people and companies succeed. Well known for my work in the Toronto tech community as mentor, connector, relationship builder and team player, I leverage this experience to advise founders and their teams towards becoming investor pitch-ready. I enjoy helping founders realize their true value from developing pitches, valuation analysis/snapshots and deal-room preparation.

Snapshot Valuation Methodology

About Our Snapshot Valuation Methodology

Valuations today are designed primarily for established, revenue generating companies preparing for exit, M&A or IPO.  Applying these same valuation methods to early-stage, pre or early-revenue companies depends on sourcing key variables and numbers from trends of successful companies, bypassing the unique factors of the evaluated company. Founders find that these valuations do not account for their unique success factors and investors are likely to rely more on the due diligence process rather than the valuation to make their investment decisions.

The LinkingVentures Snapshot Valuation Methodology is a dynamic evaluation within a defensible framework aligning with the due diligence commonly used by early-stage investors. The process begins with a Baseline Valuation to capture how the founding team perceives their opportunity. Subsequent Snapshots are used to test and validate the identified success factors. This dynamic process of Snapshots empowers the start-up founding team to showcase how they work together to either mitigate risk or wrap strategies around areas of success. LinkingVentures captures the iterative nature of a start-up and the team’s ability to build a successful company.

If you want to change someone’s mind, you must change their heart, and the only way to do so is through stories. 

Dr Jane Goodall

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